Q: Are all Vocals on Vokaal.com royalty-free?

A: Yes. You have a broad royalty-free license for every vocal pack that you download from Vokaal.


Q: Can I use Vokaal.com Vocals for commercial use?

A: Yes. The license for Vocals you download from Vokaal can be used for commercial and non-commercial uses so long as you comply with our Terms.


Q: What are the limitations of an Exclusive Vocal license?

A: There are no limitations — You own the vocal / song. (Note: If the vocal description info says 50 / 50 Publishing Split you will receive the singer’s publishing and contact info so you can register the publishing with your songwriters association). All Exclusive Vocal sales are final.


Q: What are the limitations of a Non-Exclusive Vocal license?

A:  The only limitations are that you may not re-sell or repackage the vocals into sample packs or loops to distribute. You may not create new Vocal Packs to sell or compete with Vokaal.com. To be clear - you may not transfer, broadcast, stream, redistribute or use the vocals on their own without music — the vocals must be used in a new music product “new song or new track” which can be released on all platforms and you can collect all royalties.


Q: Is there any time limit or streaming limits on your vocal licenses?

A: No. Your license is valid forever and unlimited.


Q: Do I have 100% ownership of my composition (track) if I use Non-Exclusive Vocals from Vokaal.com?

A: Yes. You have ownership of your composition made with Vokaal Vocals, but as a reminder, you don’t own the copyright to the actual vocal samples. Other Vokaal users can use the same vocals samples without infringing on your track and vice versa.


Q: Can I register my creative work that uses Non-Exclusive Vocals for a copyright?

A: We encourage you to explore your options to register a copyright in your work. While we do not prohibit you from doing so, copyright law will dictate whether or not you are eligible for registration.


Q: If another producer uses the same Non-Exclusive Vocal as me in their work, is my work infringing on their work?

A: No. All users will have Non-Exclusive licenses, there will be many producers that use the same Vocal as you.


Q: What do you mean by not being able to use the “likeness” of an artist in my work?

A: Based on our terms of service, you cannot use the name or likeness of singers whose Non-Exclusive Vocal Samples are distributed on Vokaal. Some examples of using the name of likeness of a singer would be to include a photo of the singer when promoting your track, crediting them as a feature on your track, or including them as a contributor to the track when splitting royalties.


Q: Do I need to give Vokaal credit when registering with a PRO (publishing rights organization) like ASCAP or BMI?

A: No. Vokaal is not a co-owner of your track, so there is no need to credit Vokaal when registering your track with a PRO.


Q: Do I need to give the Singer of Non-Exclusive Vocals credit?

A: No.


Q: Can I use Vokaal.com Vocals in a composition that I’m creating for a movie or video game?

A: Yes. You can use Vokaal.com Vocals in any composition. If you wish for your composition to be included in an audio-visual work - You have absolutely that right because you are the full owner of your new music composition (track).


Q: If I use an unedited, isolated vocal loop as the beginning of my track, is that covered by the royalty-free license?

A: Yes — because the vocal sample is part of the larger composition, the vocal sample is covered by the royalty-free license even if the sample is solo'd at some point in the track.


Q: What would be considered a Vocal Sample in isolation?

A: Using a Vocal Sample in isolation, in reference to our terms of service, would be taking a sample from Vokaal.com and distributing /sharing that Vocal Sample without any other audio elements.


If you have any additional questions, please contact sales@vokaal.com


What Music Can I Use To Write And Record My Vocals?

You can use the instrumentals that we provide on the artist account Sign-Up Page, or you can search YouTube with terms like “Free-Use Instrumental” “Royalty-Free Instrumental” or “No Copyright”.

You can turn YouTube Video Links into downloadable MP3’s here: https://ytmp3.cc/youtube-to-mp3

Can I Sell Vocals From Songs That I Have Previously Released?

Yup! You sure can! Feel free to upload all of your old releases. As long as you've still got rights to the actual vocal recordings, you're good to go. (You will often retain rights to your vocal recordings even if released with a label, but make sure you do before you upload them to the site).

Do My Vocals Need To Be Professional Studio Quality?

No. However they do need to be at a decent level of quality. Many of our customers are getting their productions signed to major record labels and building sizeable followings, so recording your voice into your phone or directly into your laptop won’t be good enough.

What’s The Best Home Recording Set-Up For The Lowest Price?

Everyone has to start somewhere, this is the home recording set-up that I started with:

The Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio Is $329 on Amazon!

The package is amazing. The price is crazy cheap for what you get: Studio Microphone + USB Audio Interface with Microphone Input + Studio Headphones + Recording Software. That’s literally everything you need to get started. You can also grab a vocal pop-filter if ya wanna be extra pro!

How Do I Get Paid? How Much Do I Get Paid?

You get paid automatically after every sale. Just set up PayPal payouts at the “PROFILE” tab in your Artist Account by clicking on “Payment Details” and entering your PayPal email. That’s it! 

Singers on the site keep 70% of their net sales.

Singers are paid-out every 3-5 business days.

How Do I Get My Vocals On The Site?

  1. Login to your artist account then click UPLOAD VOCALS.
  2. Click the ADD PRODUCT button.
  3. Type Vocal Info: Title - Bpm - Key - Male or Female.
  4. Type Vocal Tags: Exclusive, Non-Exclusive, or Sample Pack, Bpm - Key - Male or Female.
  5. Set the price for your vocal: Exclusive Vocals can be priced from $199 to $999. We recommend $199 to $499. Non-Exclusive Vocals are $39.99 - $99.99.
  6. Upload your Vocal Zip Folder: 100 MB max
  7. If your files are bigger than 100 MB you can add a link to download!
    (All Vocal Folders Must Include Separated Dry Vocal Stems)
  8. Upload Your MP3 Vocal Demo: 10 MB max.
  9. Upload Your Artist Image (must be a square): 15 MB max.
  10. Click the blue SAVE button in the bottom left corner of the screen. Wait a few minutes until you see a green “success!” pop-up. If you see a red error pop-up, double check your file sizes and try again.
  11. Your vocal upload will need to be approved by our admin. 8 hour maximum wait time. Usually 1 hour.

What Do I Need To Include In My Vocal Zip Folder?

Dry WAV vocal stems + Lyric sheet + Mp3 vocal preview.

Do I Need To Register With A Songwriter’s Organization To Sell My Vocals?

No. However we do recommend that you register your songs with a songwriter’s association.

Canadians can register with SOCAN for free - www.socan.com

Americans can register with BMI for free - www.bmi.com

International singers google your songwriting association. 

How Much Should I Sell My Vocals For?

If you want to sell quickly, we recommend that you price your Exclusive Vocals somewhere between $199 - $399.

When you go up to the $400 - $600 range you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got a really strong song and a great vocal performance.

You’re welcome to try selling your Exclusive vocals up to a maximum of $999... however, the most expensive vocal we’ve ever sold was $999.

What’s An Exclusive Vocal?

An Exclusive vocal is only sold one time to one buyer. This buyer will be able to produce, promote, and monetize the Exclusive Vocal however they want. They own it Exclusively.

What Are Non-Exclusive Vocals?

Non-Exclusive Vocals are sold an unlimited amount of times to an unlimited amount of buyers. These buyers do not own the vocals. They are simply paying for a license to use the vocals in the "new song" that they produce.

Can I Remove My Vocals From Your Site If I Want To?

Yup! You sure can! You just need to submit your official request for removal to sales@vokaal.com (and your vocals will be removed from the site within 15 Days from your request).

Can I Contact The Producers That Buy My Vocals?

You sure can! If you go to the RECENT SALES tab at the bottom-middle of your artist dashboard, just click on VIEW MORE HERE, then click on the 3 blue dots to the right of one of your Sold Vocals, and scroll down to see all of the Buyer’s Information. They will also receive your contact info. We encourage strong communication between our singers and customers. Since we're strictly a marketplace, any agreements or collaborations between the seller and the buyer are not our responsibility.

Does Vokaal Own My Music? Does Vokaal Have Control Of My Music Career?

Not even a little bit. Vokaal is simply a marketplace that provides you with the tools to sell your vocals to our large customer base. Our mission is to help talented people like you get paid for doing what you love. We have zero interest in owning your creations. We’re here to support you in the selling of your vocal works, and by signing up for an artist account you're giving us permission to help you make that happen.

How Do I Get My Profile On The “SINGERS” Page Of The Site?

You’ll get your own profile page as soon as you’ve got a vocal up on the site. We just don’t want our customers to have to sort through a bunch of empty profiles.

Please fill-out your profile at the “PROFILE” tab under “My Account” so that we can easily transfer your photo and biography over to the site when the time comes.

Who Are Vokaal Marketplace Customers?

Our customers are mostly EDM Producer & DJs from Europe and the US.

Are All Genres And Vocal Styles Welcome On The Site?

Absolutely, yes! We want every artist on Vokaal Marketplace to be 100% authentic to who they are and to do what they do best. So please sing and create from your heart. The world needs more heartfelt creative expression.

What’s The Best Way To Contact Someone At Vokaal?

You can always email our super awesome customer service reps! Here sales@vokaal.com

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask, we’re always happy to help! Have fun with the site, we wish you all the best with everything that you do!