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The house of full length studio-quality royalty-free vocals. We're super stoked you found your way here -- the music business can be a bit sketchy at times, and if you've ever had a bad experience you know this all too well..

But this is a safe marketplace - so please think of us as your friend in music.

You want to feel inspired to greatness so you and your music can finally get the attention you deserve. You want to be proud of the tracks you release and the major label support you receive. We're here to make this a reality.

In the words of one of our top clients Sam Feldt, "If you're looking for the highest quality EDM vocals to launch your career, the Team at vokaal.com really nails it."


Vokaal was founded in 2019 with the vision of helping electronic music producers level up fast and affordably by providing Exclusive super high-quality full length drag and drop vocals. A lot has changed since then – our audio product range has expanded far beyond Exclusive Vocals alone, we're sending Non-Exclusive Vocals, Cover Vocals, AI Vocals and even Ghost Productions to talented Music Producers all over the world!

And at last count, we had over 3,839 Full Length Royalty-Free Vocals to choose from, with well over 40,000 downloads and if you ever find the perfect vocal for your track in our vocal library, you will have it in your DAW within minutes – we deliver vocals fast and easy. As it should be.

Aside from hosting the world's best and biggest full length vocal samples library, it's our friendly personalized customer service that we're best known for and its the reason so many of our customers have been consistently ordering vocals from us since day one. 


When you've got really great vocals on your track, you feel on top of the world. When you're proud of your art, you’re more confident. When you’re more confident, you’re more You...

And when you’re more YOU, you’re UNSTOPPABLE.

We welcome you to join our Private Discord Server, Vokaal Collab Club, where you will find over 500 Singers and Producers sharing their most recent audio creations and collaborating on new ones. It's a super supportive, uplifting place and it's a genuine joy to watch the community grow stronger each day.


David Guetta live performance on Vokaal Festival


Every producer who has taken the time to find the perfect vocal for their track here on Vokaal.com has taken another step towards their music making goals.

Great songs get more listeners, it's really that simple... and more listeners turn into more fans and more opportunities to get paid for doing What You Love.

So dive in and explore
 The World's Best Royalty-Free Vocal Library Now!