Ultimate List: 24 Best Free Vocal Samples Packs of 2024

Ultimate List: 24 Best Free Vocal Samples Packs of 2024
Dive into an ocean of unrivalled vocal inspiration with our handpicked selection of the 24 best free vocal sample packs of 2024 from Vokaal.com.

Each Vocal Pack is bursting with full length studio quality royalty-free vocal samples that will inspire you to produce your best music yet.

Just click the links to download then drag n drop them in your DAW!

  1. "No Title FM 128 BPM" – Inspired by a singer's dream, these samples vocals are as adaptable as nature itself.

  2. "Diamond Vocal Pack" – A diamond mine of melodic dry acapella vocal stems, offering four complete songs.

  3. "No Name A 128 BPM" – Born from alien melodies, the samples in these vocal loops are truly otherworldly.

  4. "123 BPM A Minor Male" – Imagine a secret agent's theme song, thrilling and suspenseful is this vocal pack.

  5. "Why Full-Length 128 BPM D Maj Female" – Lost recordings of a pop diva vocalist, full of mystery and charm.

  6. "Untitled F M 120 BPM" – A fusion of traditional pop and modern EDM vocals sampled here.

  7. "Full Length Vocal 100 BPM G M" – Serenades from Venice's Vocal ready waterways, romantic and timeless.

  8. "Mystery Pack" – Discover the unexpected in this hidden trove of vocal sample wonders.

  9. "Untitled CM 122 BPM" – Choir voices blending with nature's own symphony as a sample vocal.

  10. "No Title A M 130 BPM" – Pop tunes whistled in the heart of everyone who needs a voice sample pack in their life.

  11. "Untitled 140 BPM A M Female" – A futuristic blend of human harmonies and godly wonder.

  12. "Stronger 126 BPM FMaj Female" – Anthems echoing from the highest peaks.

  13. "Hidden Gem Pack" – Opera voices rediscovered, echoing through time.

  14. "All Together 126 BPM DM Male" – A global musical journey on a transcontinental adventure.

  15. "No Title F Maj 127 BPM" – A canvas of sound painted in an urban vocalist's signature soundscape.

  16. "Secret Sonic Pack" – Decoding life into a sample packs symphony of secrets.

  17. "Free Vocal Sample Pack" – The essence of a bustling marketplace, captured in this acapella vocal pack.

  18. "128 BPM D Major Male" – A cowboy's lonesome tune sung softly beneath a starlit sky.

  19. "Never Let You Go 96 BPM DMaj Female" – A love letter transformed into a haunting melodic vocal sample masterpiece.

  20. "Not Okay 120 BPM C M Male" – The vocalists poetic verses finding their rhythm here.

  21. "Saving Me 102 BPM BM Female" – The allure of a siren's song, captivating and ethereal.

  22. "Lose Yourself 128 BPM G M Female" – Vocal loop melody intertwining in expressive harmony.

  23. "No Name G M 150 BPM" – Enchanting spells woven into vocal magic.

  24. "Always 124 BPM A M Male" – Echoes from an astronaut, singing across the cosmos.

Whether you're in search of the perfect vocal pack, a unique voice sample pack, or free vocal samples to spice up your tracks, this collection has it all. Each vocal sample packs a punch, offering diverse sounds for every genre.

We know you'll enjoy these royalty-free vocal samples that are sure to drop a fire bomb of inspiration in your DAW tonight!

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