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"The man afraid of death will never do anything worthy of the man who is alive." - Seneca

At first glance, talking about 'fear of death' might seem a little heavy, especially when we're here for the vibes and the music production. But hang with me on this... I'm not talking about 'Death' as the end of life; I'm talking about the end of inspiration (writer's block), or when we feel like giving up on our dreams, or when we fear that our music might never reach the spotlight it deserves.

We all have fears. Fear of not making it in music, fear of criticism, or sometimes, fear of success itself. But Seneca tells us that being wrapped up in fear only gets in the way of doing something truly meaningful, it gets in the way of being truly alive. Every time you choose not to open your DAW because you're afraid to fail, you're holding back a potentially groundbreaking musical gift that you could be sharing with the world.

Let’s make a pact today, let's commit to never letting fear affect the music we make or the chances we take in this life. Whether you’re working on a super chill House Track or a floor-shaking Hardstyle Track, be bold, take risks, step to the moment with the confidence of someone who’s not afraid to share their soul with the World.

Sure striving for major success in this industry is a wild, unpredictable ride. The lows are crazy low, and the highs are crazy high. And that's where using Stoicism as our guide can be a serious game changer. Stoicism is like that steady Kick that keeps the Track on point, helping you stay calm and focused, no matter how chaotic things can get.

True success isn't more Likes, Follows, Streams or even cash flooding into your bank account. It’s all about the small daily victories, like finally perfecting that one section of your track that's been driving you nuts. Success is enjoying what you do, expressing yourself through creativity, and knowing that the world is just a little bit better with your music in it.

So before worrying about getting on the Main Stage at Tomorrowland, start cherishing all the late-night sessions, the glow of your laptop screen, the hum of your headphones playing back the sounds of what was once just an idea in your head. This is your life, this is your music, and every note counts. Stoicism teaches us to appreciate these moments, face challenges head-on, and grow stronger with each step taken, wether that step is forward, backwards or side to side.

When you hit a creative block, or you're feeling frustrated with where you're at... Remember Seneca’s words. Shake off the fear, dive back into the music, and create something special like only You can produce. Every build-up, every drop, every melody is a celebration of life and creative expression. It’s your own unique voice, and the world needs to hear it.

I genuinely hope The Stoic Producer [Daily Newsletter] will help you approach your life and music production with a fearless heart and a focused mind. May your life be a festival, with all the highs and lows unfolding into a masterpiece of love, laughter, learning, and true success.

Happy Music Making!


James Madison --

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