Q: Are all Vocals on Vokaal.com royalty-free?

A: Yes. You have a broad royalty-free license for every vocal pack that you download from Vokaal.


Q: Can I use Vokaal.com Vocals for commercial use?

A: Yes. The license for Vocals you download from Vokaal can be used for commercial and non-commercial uses so long as you comply with our Terms.


Q: What are the limitations of an Exclusive Vocal license?

A: There are no limitations — You own the vocal / song. (Note: If the vocal description info says 50 / 50 Publishing Split you will receive the singer’s publishing and contact info so you can register the publishing with your songwriters association). All Exclusive Vocal sales are final.


Q: What are the limitations of a Non-Exclusive Vocal license?

A:  The only limitations are that you may not re-sell or repackage the vocals into sample packs or loops to distribute. You may not create new Vocal Packs to sell or compete with Vokaal.com. To be clear - you may not transfer, broadcast, stream, redistribute or use the vocals on their own without music — the vocals must be used in a new music product “new song or new track” which can be released on all platforms and you can collect all royalties.


Q: Is there any time limit or streaming limits on your vocal licenses?

A: No. Your license is valid forever and unlimited.


Q: Do I have 100% ownership of my composition (track) if I use Non-Exclusive Vocals from Vokaal.com?

A: Yes. You have ownership of your composition made with Vokaal Vocals, but as a reminder, you don’t own the copyright to the actual vocal samples. Other Vokaal users can use the same vocals samples without infringing on your track and vice versa.


Q: Can I register my creative work that uses Non-Exclusive Vocals for a copyright?

A: We encourage you to explore your options to register a copyright in your work. While we do not prohibit you from doing so, copyright law will dictate whether or not you are eligible for registration.


Q: If another producer uses the same Non-Exclusive Vocal as me in their work, is my work infringing on their work?

A: No. All users will have Non-Exclusive licenses, there will be many producers that use the same Vocal as you.


Q: What do you mean by not being able to use the “likeness” of an artist in my work?

A: Based on our terms of service, you cannot use the name or likeness of singers whose Non-Exclusive Vocal Samples are distributed on Vokaal. Some examples of using the name of likeness of a singer would be to include a photo of the singer when promoting your track, crediting them as a feature on your track, or including them as a contributor to the track when splitting royalties.


Q: Do I need to give Vokaal credit when registering with a PRO (publishing rights organization) like ASCAP or BMI?

A: No. Vokaal is not a co-owner of your track, so there is no need to credit Vokaal when registering your track with a PRO.


Q: Do I need to give the Singer of Non-Exclusive Vocals credit?

A: No.


Q: Can I use Vokaal.com Vocals in a composition that I’m creating for a movie or video game?

A: Yes. You can use Vokaal.com Vocals in any composition. If you wish for your composition to be included in an audio-visual work - You have absolutely that right because you are the full owner of your new music composition (track).


Q: If I use an unedited, isolated vocal loop as the beginning of my track, is that covered by the royalty-free license?

A: Yes — because the vocal sample is part of the larger composition, the vocal sample is covered by the royalty-free license even if the sample is solo'd at some point in the track.


Q: What would be considered a Vocal Sample in isolation?

A: Using a Vocal Sample in isolation, in reference to our terms of service, would be taking a sample from Vokaal.com and distributing /sharing that Vocal Sample without any other audio elements.


If you have any additional questions, please contact vokaal.com@gmail.com