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444 Male Vocloid Vocal Samples - Free!

444 Male Vocloid Vocal Samples - Free!

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Get cutting edge future bass artist, VVV's - 444 Vocals Sample Pack now!

100% royalty-free, distribute and monetize without any limitations.

What exactly is this “444 Sample Pack”?

Adding these highly unique future electro vocal samples to your tracks is one quick n easy way to make your music stand out from the crowd. Many of the best producers in the world turn to high quality, professionally-recorded vocals like these to use in their songs -- whether they’re full acapellas or catchy vocal chop melodies and runs. In the "VVV - 444” Sample Pack, our production team carefully crafted 444 unique phrases and ad-libs, to bring you some of our highest quality vocal samples to date.


Includes: 444 High-Quality Vocal Samples in Am at 120 Bpm.


Every sound is drag-and-drop ready to make your music more memorable with a uniquely authentic touch. So grab the “VVV - 444” Vocal Samples Pack now! 

Download link for the sample pack is delivered as dry unprocessed .wav files. to your email immediately after purchase.

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