How to win on Spotify and get paid like David Guetta

I don't know of a single producer that doesn't want to be crushing it on Spotify, but sadly about 90% of them aren't crushing it at all...

The vast majority of producers are feeling down on themselves and frustrated to the point of wanting to quit on their dreams... this is beyond unacceptable to me.

Winning does not need to feel so impossible, especially when there's such a simple formula for Spotify success and earning solid royalty returns with just a tiny amount of money invested, so I'm gonna lay it all out for you right here, right now.

Take These Simple Steps To Spotify Success:

1. Purchase a non-exclusive acapella vocal

The entire reason why we decided to sell non-exclusive acapella vocals for just $29 dollars was so that you could win on Spotify (and all other platforms). We wanted our customers to be able to make some actual money with their music, even if they were just starting out in their music career. Releasing quality music with quality vocals lead to winning and winning leads to positive feelings of inspiration and excitement - which is what making music should be all about!

So if you're in the building phase of your music career - if you're still trying to get your first 100,000 fans, if you're still trying to get your first 1,000,000 streams... You need to be taking advantage of Vokaal's professional quality non-exclusive acapella vocals. You can't afford not to be buying these things! Let me explain:

When you spend $29 on a top quality vocal (which is the single most important ingredient for winning on Spotify) you're setting your self up for simple success.

Spending $29 on a vocal like this + $10 on digital distribution + $1 per day on Social Ads + $0 on our free step by step guide to streaming success = 100% Winning on Spotify Guaranteed.

No joke. I'm so confident in this formula that if you follow these steps, and then follow our step by step guide to streaming success, and you don't earn at least 100,000 streams on your next release within 3 months... We will immediately refund your $29 vocal purchase.

I'm not worried... because that's not gonna happen. We've earned over 40,000,000 streams with this dead simple approach, and you will too.

2. Download Our Free Step by Step Guide To Streaming Success!

Seriously though, all you need to do is download our free guide, follow the steps, and the winning will come. It's worked for us over and over again, it will work for you too. There's no need to feel frustrated and uninspired anymore.

Everyone needs a plan in order to succeed. Without a plan for success, you're planning for failure. It's that simple. Having a plan, plus putting in the work, will always bring some level of success.

3. Work Your Balls Off

Like Ronnie Coleman always said "Everyone wants to be a body builder, but ain't nobody wanna lift no heavy ass weights."

Those words are as true as it gets. If you want big time success, you need to be big time obsessed, and there is nothing in this world that beats hard work. Hard work beats talent every day and twice on Sundays. I promise you that.

4. Here's The Simple Math

Your Investment:

$69 for Non-exclusive Vocal, Digital Distribution, Ads, Free e-book.

Your Return

Royalties from 150,000 streams on Spotify = $600 USD

Royalties from 50,000 streams on Apple = $250 USD

Royalties from 25,000 streams on all other platforms = $250

Total Profit: $1100 - $69 = $1,031.00

*Bonus* More monthly listeners, fan support, DJ support, label support.

Final Words

You can't afford not to invest in yourself, and you absolutely need to invest in your music career if you want to earn any real success... so for an investment of just $69... it's a no brainer.

What the heck are you waiting for. Let's goooooooo!!!

I want every single producer that's feeling down and frustrated with their music career to start succeeding right fucking now, and the beautiful thing is that you can start succeeding today.

It's not hard, just grab a nice quality vocal from the site, download the e-book, and then follow the steps. I promise that you will win, and I look forward to receiving your messages telling me all about how good it feels to win on Spotify!

Take care out there,


Parker Thomas - @vokaal.edm


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