How To Make Meme Music Magic Like Lil Nas X

When Lil Nas X dropped out of college to pursue a career in music, he wasn't creating much in the way of musical content... Instead he hung out on Twitter, making friends while gaining popularity by posting memes.

His meme tweets earned him about 50,000 followers over the span of a couple years, with his plan being to use that following to spread his music across the web. But it wasn't really working out... In his own words: "I'd post a funny meme and get like 2000 retweets... Then I'd post a new song and get like 10..."

So instead of getting discouraged and giving up, Lil Nas stopped tweeting Soundcloud and Spotify links, and got started on writing a song that he could promote with his funny meme skills. In his own words: "I knew it had to be short, it had to be catchy, and hit had to be funny."

December 3rd 2018 - Posted "Old Town Road" with a meme of a dancing cowboy and shared it with his followers. The video went viral, and so Lil Nas started pumping out short silly videos with "Old Town Road" in them and a link to the full song below... It eventually made it's way to TikTok and the rest is history.

Old Town Road became a massive hit!

. Longest-running #1 Single in the history of Billboard's Hot 100 Chart

. 80 million streams in 19 weeks

. 2 - Grammy Awards

. 2 - BET Hip Hop Awards

. 2 - MTV Video Music Awards

. 1 - Country Music Award

. 1 - Teen Choice Award

. 1 - American Music Award

. Net Worth $4 Million In The Bank

You can do this too! So start gettin weird with memes, have fun! Best of luck!

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