Get Famous Remixing Cover Songs! 6 Easy Steps


Find a Hot Charting (Trending) Song that everybody is loving right now, and then find a brilliant singer. It's always a nice touch to get a male vocalist to cover a song that was originally performed by a female, or a female vocalist to cover a song that was originally performed by a male.

*Note* Classic mega hit songs work too... but ideally you're choosing a song that the world is currently searching for. It will vastly increase the chance of your cover version being found, and loved!



There's no way to sugar coat this... no one ever got famous overnight. It's gonna take you consistently putting out great covers before the momentum starts to build. I'd say expect to be releasing a cover song at least once per month for 8 months to 1 year. By then you should be noticing some serious fan engagement and streaming success!



Thank your supporters honestly and often, and while you're at it listen to what they have to say... If they have requests, consider doing a cover of a commonly requested song, because you know those people are gonna listen to it a whole bunch of times and probably share it a whole bunch more! 



This kind of cross genre action has real potential to create a massive hit. For example if you're a Hardstyle Producer and you grab a country music cover or if you're a Progressive House Producer and you use a top 40 bubble gum pop cover, you might just stumble upon a bit of unique magic that no one else has ever done before.


5. SWITCH-UP (Mess With The Tempo Or Arrangement)

It's a nice way to not only make the song your own, but it also give the listener somewhat of a new but still familiar listening experience. These switch-ups at the very least will suck the listener in just to hear this twisted up version of a song they love. Fresh is always fan friendly.



What's more powerful than one person's social network? How bout 2 or 3 people's social networks! If you can get yourself involved on a track with another talented producer and then add a vocalist with a strong following... well you're gonna have a really nice start on release day when you all start promoting the song to your social networks. It's a no brainer. Many of the top streaming songs on Spotify right now are mega collaborations. So get friendly with all your talented friends and take over the world together!


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