6 Easy Ways To Make More Magic Music!

Writer's Block? Uninspired? Here's 6 Easy Ways To Make More Music!

1. Save a copy of your most successful project and use it as a template. 

Open up one of your best projects from the past, save as, and just delete the midi and vocals but keep the drums, fx, etc. as a template to get you started on your next track.

2. Tweak your best midi files.

You can use an old melody you made as a framework and just start moving the notes around until you make something new. Obviously you don't want to just copy the exact original midi, so make sure to tweak the sounds to make it unique.

3. Grab original vocals from vokaal.com (they're not over used like Splice).

Just search out a tempo and key you like, and have the vocals in your DAW within minutes!

4. Produce without expectations.

If you can let things flow naturally and get back to making music for fun without judging yourself, this is where the real magic can happen. There are no mistakes, only happy little accidents. Be free!

5. Collab.

If you're feeling stuck, or you feel that you're weak in a certain area of production - like mixing, drops, breaks, melodies, etc. Instead of banging your head against the keyboard, you can find someone to work with that is good at the things you're not so good at. That way you can each focus on what you're good at, and get back to enjoying the creative process. Team work makes the dream work!

6. Don't be afraid to take breaks (It's okay to live a little)!

You know the old saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder"... In my experience if I take a few days off - true days off with no thought of producing music at all - I start to feel recharged, inspired by life, and eager to dive back into my DAW. Enjoying time with your friends and family can help remind you why you're making music in the first place.

BONUS: Get detailed feedback from producers and people you trust.

Other people hear things that you don't, which can lead to new inspiration or directions. If you ever want feedback on a track please feel free to email us at parkerthomas@vokaal.com / vokaal.com@gmail.com - we're always happy to have a listen and give a quick bit of feedback!

Now go have some fun making some magical musics!

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