22 Super Sexy Spotify Stats

1. 286 million monthly active Spotify users.


2. 130 million of these are Spotify Premium subscribers.


3. Spotify has laid claim to 36% of the global streaming market.


4. Average Spotify subscriber listens to 25 hours of music per month.


5. 44% of users listen to Spotify every day.


6. There are over 50 million tracks available on Spotify.


7. Drake’s “One Dance” was the first song to surpass 1 billion streams.


8. Post Malone was the most listened-to artist of 2019 w/ 6.5 billion streams.


9. Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” is the most listened-to song in Spotify history with 2.6 billion streams.


10. Ed Sheeran is the most followed artist, with 63 million Spotify followers.


11. Drake currently leads the way in monthly streams, with 43 million.


12. 33% of Spotify listening time is spent on Spotify-generated playlists, with another 33% happening on user-generated playlists. 66% of listening is done through playlists.


13. “Today’s Top Hits” playlist is followed by 26 million people.


14. Other influential playlists include “RapCaviar” with over 12.8 million followers and “¡Viva Latino!” with 10.6 million followers.


15. An average user listens to 41 unique artists per week.


16. Spotify quarterly revenue in Q1 2019 stood at $2 Billion US, $1.84 Billion came from Spotify Premium subscribers.


17. Gross profit in the same quarter was $511 Million US, with operating losses at $18 Million US.


18. Spotify annual revenue in 2019 was $7.3 Billion US, with a gross profit of $1.8 Billion US.


19. Estimates on what a Spotify stream is worth to an artist: $.003 - $.007 - meaning 1,000,000 million streams will earn you roughly $5,000 US.


20. Spotify went public in April 2018, with a valuation of $26.5 Billion US by the end of the first day’s trading.


21. Spotify market cap in early May 2020 was $26.9 Billion US.


22. Spotify’s highest market cap to date is $35 Billion US during Q3 2018.


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